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Take Ownership of Your Health: Hold Yourself Accountable

difficult eater

“Mama, I don’t like that. A phase that almost every parent will have to deal with at some point. Usually when your child is around 2 years old. It is a phase and passes again. But if you’re in the middle of it, it’s nice when your child just wants to eat again. 10 tips practical tips Play with variations and combine food Something your child doesn’t like is easier to put in if you combine it with something he does like. Sometimes it also works to prepare something inSEE DETAILS

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job disastrous for body

An office job is characterised by a lot of sitting. Sooner or later this leads to complaints. How do you prevent that? Sandra gives 5 tips. Daily practice Do you have an office job? Then there is a good chance that your day will look more or less like this: you get in the car to work and then you sit down at your desk to work. You are so absorbed in your work that you are increasingly sinking into a curved position behind your computer. Coffee is brought toSEE DETAILS

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